Partnership with other Academic Institutions

IPM Business School (Belarus)

6IPM was established on December 15th, 1993, by the Central European University Fund (USA), the Centre for Privatization (Poland), the Ministry for Economics (Belarus) and the International Association for the Support of Privatization (IASP) (USA) as a Joint Venture partnership.

At present the IPM Business School is the only European-type business education institution in Belarus; this became possible through partnerships with leading organizations in the field of business education.

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The School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

3The School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo (SEBS) was established in 1952 as the Faculty of Economics. Its first class consisted of 105 full-time and 129 part-time students. SEBS has the longest tradition and is the largest educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a leading institution in the BH higher education system in the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration. Of particular significance is the continuity of School operations throughout the past 58 years. Even amid the heaviest shelling and warfare during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995, teaching did not cease, owing to the enthusiasm and dedication of both employees and students. The School managed to keep the majority of its faculty members even during the most difficult periods of its history. Over the last fifty years, the School has been continually developing and implementing numerous programs leading to the formation of highly-educated and creative professionals capable of assuming managerial and leadership roles in their professional careers. Its main goal is to adopt and apply all current trends in business, economics and education to adapt to our rapidly changing, competitive environment.

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Almaty Management University (Kazakhstan)

10In 2014, the IAB (International Academy of Business) new name change to ALMU represents great progress that we have made in the last few years in moving towards our goals, to name, the IQA by CEEMAN, the AMBA accreditation, the 4 Eduniversal Palmes, the membership in the outstanding international educational associations of the Americas (AACSB), the Europe (EFMD) and Asia (AAPBS) and etc.

Our goal is to create the following schools in 2014-2015: School of Public Policy (BSc, MA, PhD); Business School (MBA, DBA); School of Accounting, Finance and Management (BSc, MA, PhD); Law School (LLB, LLM, JD); School of Humanities and Social Sciences (BSc, MA, PhD); School of Education (MA, PhD). The second level of development in 2015-2019: School of Computer Sciences and Electrical technology (BSc, MS, PhD) and School of Art and Media Management (BSc, MA, PhD).

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Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) (Latvia)

8RISEBA is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labor market with intelligent, creative and independently thinking individuals. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognized degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent research base and highly qualified staff.

Founded in 1992 as a classical business school, RISEBA University today offers programmes in business and management, psychology, communications, advertising, audiovisual media arts and architecture. Today RISEBA is among 10 largest universities in Latvia (both public and private) with over 3000 students, including 200 international students, who attend 17 study programmes of different fields and levels, and 9000 alumni.

RISEBA is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and issues state recognized degrees. RISEBA has been awarded International Quality Accreditation by Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN). RISEBA is the only university in Latvia to have its programmes accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Programme Accreditation System (EPAS).

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Institute of Business Studies IBS Moscow (Russia)

5Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) within the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, a leading collegiate business school in Russia, was established in 1988.

Its creation was supported by two leading Russian universities:

  • The Moscow State University of International Relations that specialises in educating diplomats and experts in external economic relations and
  • The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration that is known in Russia as a ‘forge of ministers’ for its strong expertise in management.

Now our long-term degree programmes are delivered to nearly 1,500 students: 500 attending the BBA and pre-experience Master programmes, and around 1,000 attending the part-time MBA, EMBA and Universiteit Antwerpen Management School’s EMBA programmes.

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Irkutsk State University (Irkutsk, Russia)

1The Irkutsk State University, one of the oldest universities in Siberia, possesses considerable educational and scientific potential. We have one separate branch of the university, five educational institutes, ten faculties, 109 departments, a Center for Advanced Training and Retraining, three research institutes, an Inter-regional Institute of Social Sciences, a department for post-graduate and doctoral courses, a Center of New Informational Technologies, the Baikal Research and Education Center, a virtual university, the Confucius Institute, scientific and educational libraries, a UNESCO Chair for Water Resources, an astronomical observatory, a botanical garden and several educational practice centers.

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Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia)

2On November 5, 1804, Alexander I signed a decree on establishing Kazan Imperial University and its Charter. This is the birthday of one of the Russia’s oldest universities that would play a remarkable historical role in the development of Russian science, education and culture.

On October 21, 2009, the President of Russia signed an exe­cutive order on founding Kazan Federal University on the basis of Kazan State University. On April 8, 2010, according to the development project, Tatar State University of Humanities and Education, Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics and Yelabuga State Pedagogical University were incorporated.

KFU as a federal university is supposed to solve tasks of integrating research, education and industry contributing to the improved workforce and economy in the Volga Region based on fundamental knowledge and high technologies.

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Business School MIM-Kyiv (Ukraine)

4MIM-Kyiv was established in 1989 as a joint venture between the International Management Institute (IMI-Geneva) and the Institute of Economy of the National Academy of Science in Ukraine.

It was MIM-Kyiv that first offered an MBA program based on international standards to the post-Soviet managers in 1990 has remained since then the leader of business education in the country.

MIM-Kyiv is a leading graduate business school located in the capital city of Ukraine.

Our programs are designed to help professionals successfully cope with unique challenges of management and business in Ukraine.

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