Vision & Mission

Mission, Purpose and Objectives

Adizes Graduate School Programs are committed to creating a broad, interdisciplinary theory base from which new ideas for the enhancement of organizational growth may emerge. Each course of study is designed to ensure a deep understanding of theories of change from the perspectives of science, philosophy, and the humanities. We offer our scholars, through synergetic academic inquiry and supervised practice, the opportunity to acquire enhanced understanding of managing organizational transformation and augmenting the quality of the process of change.

Each Professional Program trains individuals to be change leaders who function both as consultants and as educators. They are taught to coach organizational transformation with a holistic, structured methodology based on participative management. It is the aim of the Professional Programs to produce graduates who know how to work with a management team that can make strategic decisions that actually get implemented.

  • The word “Symbergetic” is a blending of the words “Symbiotic” and “Synergetic” to highlight both the interdependence among all parts of organizations – individuals, departments, customers, vendors, etc. — as well as the emphasis on cooperation and working together for an enhanced mutual effect