Doctoral Degree Programs Requirements

Doctoral Degree Programs Offered

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory (SCMT)
  2. Professional Doctorate in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation (CSOMT)

Admission Requirements:

Doctoral programs require the completion of a Certificate Program and Masters Degree at AGS.  For admission requirements, please see the Certificate Programs

Note: For the Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation program (CSOMT), all students must achieve a High Pass on examinations to continue in this program. 

The most up-to-date information is provided in the School Catalog.

You are legally responsible for reading the Catalog.

Final projects:  

The PhD in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory:  

The dissertation requires original research at advanced levels in the field of organizational transformation, a high level of scholarship and systematic academic inquiry. The outcome is a qualitative literature-based research degree that demonstrates an integration of theory. The student will select a concept related to Adizes theories on managing change (such as ‘mutual trust’, a lifecycle pathology, or a leadership style, for example). The student will explore cross disciplinary theories relevant to an approved subject in this context.

The objective of the study will be to enhance the operation of the methodology and show how an enhancement might impact the rest of the Adizes ‘management map’ and/or Adizes operational theories, as well as how the enhancement may apply (or not) across multiple disciplines in the social sciences.

See the Tips for Writing a Concept Paper for related details.

The Professional Doctorate in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation (CSOMT):  

Professional program students must have a host client where they may practice their internships. Internships are not managed by the Adizes Graduate School. They are managed by the Adizes Institute. Interested students will need to contact an Adizes Institute office (assigned by the Institute, by location) for approval of both the internship site and their individual qualifications to pursue this program of study. The Adizes Graduate School does not approve student internship sites and requires referral from the Adizes Institute.

Each student will complete a capstone project in the form of a case study on this client company as it evolves over the course of the degree program. Students may contract with a separate client, other than their practice client, for the purpose of writing the capstone project or as necessary during the degree program, but each client must be approved by the Adizes Institute office. Writing begins with the first internship, where students observe and analyze the initial status of their host client. An Internship Supervisor, who mentors the student through their capstone project, will be assigned by the Adizes Institute to the student upon admission to the Graduate School.