Financial aid

Financial Aid – AGS services

Financial Aid: Up to 50{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} of tuition may be waived for students participating in the Assistantship (work/study) Program.

The Assistantship Program at AGS is available for online classes only.

The AGS Assistantship Program

One of the goals of the Adizes Graduate School programs is to draw scholars from around the world. We wish to create an inspiring cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary interactive dialogue in the classrooms. AGS is pleased to offer several work-study opportunities to help offset up to 50{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} of the cost of tuition each term. You may choose from the following options:

  1. Available to all students each term: The Research Assistant work-study program pays a student to provide assistance on research subjects of interest to a professor. The position reports to the Chief Academic Officer or his/her designee who will work with you and a faculty member to create a project each term. This position is intended to assist in the creation of publishable working papers and, thus, a high quality product outcome is expected.
  2. Available for continuing students only with faculty agreement only: The Teaching Assistant work-study program provides faculty with assistance in the verification of research and logic, and summary of concepts utilized in term papers and theses written by your colleagues for each course.

Students are required to submit a mid-term report at the six-week mark and have their final project turned in to their supervisor by the end of each term.

Financial Information:

AGS Assistantships may be provided to individuals requesting financial assistance, depending upon the number of requests and enrollment. Up to 50{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} of tuition may be provided per term. No other course fees are included in the Assistantship. The value of each approved project is a maximum of $1000USD per Term.

Privilege of Continuation: Each request is valid for one term only. A new Assistantship Request Form is required each term to apply for the Program. The Assistantship is a privilege which may be revoked or discontinued if students fail to meet their commitments. Students are required to independently manage their projects in a timely manner.

Continuation in the Assistantship Program is based only upon MERIT.


Full tuition ($2000 per course) will be due for those who do not complete their project by the end of the Term. For example, say you were given a 25{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} Assistantship and paid $1500 rather than $2000 tuition. If you do not complete your project by the end of the Term, you will need to pay the balance of full tuition due, $500. The grade for the course will not be listed on your Transcript until tuition is paid. If the student withdraws from the course, amounts due for full tuition will be pro-rated based upon the Refund Policy. 

Financial Aid / Loans – outside services

  • AGS does not participate in Federal or State Financial Aid Programs and does not receive loan payments directly.
  • We recommend that students seek outside resources such as: employer tuition reimbursement programs; government agencies, private institutions and civic/business organizations that offer educational funds or scholarships to their members.
  • The student is independently responsible for all contracts for financial support.
  • The Internet provides information regarding financial aid opportunities in many areas and fields worldwide

Check with your employer regarding tuition reimbursement, educational benefits and the potential for corporate support of educational programs. Employers are often willing and able to assist employee growth and development, and may even receive tax benefits.

Check with membership organizations, professional or business organizations, and community organizations that offer scholarships, educational loans or benefits for qualified members in a particular field of study or more generally based upon need, for business women, for disadvantaged populations, etc. Corporate organizations and foundations often support academic efforts with financial assistance or contests in specific fields.