Master Degree Programs Requirements

Master Degree Programs Offered

The Masters Degree programs are open to everyone with a Bachelor’s Degree.  

  1. Master of Arts in Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory (SCMT)
  2. Master of Arts in Symbergetic™ Business Administration (SBA)
  3. Master of Arts in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation (CSOMT)

The most up-to-date information is provided in the School Catalog. You are legally responsible for reading the Catalog.

Each Master of Arts Degree begins with a Certificate Program. Review admission requirements under the Certificate Programs.

Additional prerequisite requirements for the MA/CSOMT degree:

a) an external MBA,  or an MSBA from AGS

b) confirmation of an agreement with an Adizes office (see Application for Admission) to facilitate internships necessary to complete the degree.  

c)  All students must achieve a High Pass on examinations to continue in these programs.