Refund policy

Refund Policies

Students in all programs may withdraw and receive a full refund either on or prior to the first day of class less the $100 registration fee for the first class. See the Policy Manual and School Catalog for the most up-to-date policies.

The student has the right to cancel the enrollment agreement and obtain a refund of charges paid through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.

All students who withdraw from the AGS programs after the first day of an class are entitled to pro-rated refunds on a per-lesson (weekly) basis. In no case will tuition be reimbursed once 60{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} of a class session is completed. 

Software access fees are only refunded on the basis of calendar months. In other words, if a student is enrolled in an online session beginning in January and cancels in February, they will be charged two months ($50) software access fees.

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT FOR SHORT PROGRAMS:   All policies regarding reimbursement processes as noted above apply here.

Classes requiring daily attendance, i.e. short sessions on-site that are less than 30 days in duration:

If cancellation is not received on or prior to the first day of class, pro-rated refunds will be provided based on the date a written withdrawal letter is posted to the School, as verified by faculty, once class begins. Students will be charged or refunded on the basis of how many hours of the program have been completed of the total hours of instruction for the program.

There will be no refund if notice is posted to the school once 60{05b2d548d172ede686bd1fd032b2f70edd1946eb59cf5824cc4b71ce9cd0eda6} of any session has elapsed, whether classes were attended or not. Phone calls will not suffice; cancellation must be in writing.

You are legally responsible for reading both the Catalog and your Enrollment Agreement