Tuition & Fees

Note: The most up-to-date tuition and fee information is provided in the school Enrollment Agreement and the AGS Program Catalog.

All amounts given in USD$ (For a currency converter visit the Currency Converter website.  This website can provide the conversion for 164 currencies. The site itself can be displayed in ten languages).

The AGS Semester Unit System: Students pay for one course at a time (term by term), rather than paying for the entire degree program at once or paying every year. There are three (3) Terms offered each year, 11 weeks in length.  These are typically Winter term (Jan-April), Spring (May-August), Fall (Sep-December). Special sessions such as short online courses and live seminars may be offered in between in mid-Spring, Summer and mid-Fall. All courses operate on a per unit (per credit) system. One unit of credit = 15 hours instruction time and 30 hours of student work beyond the classroom.

Tuition & Fees for all programs include:

  • Application – There is no fee to apply to Adizes Graduate School.
  • One-Time Registration fee: The Registration fee is a one time, non-refundable charge of $100.00 USD due with tuition for your first class.  
  • Late Application Fee – Those who apply late (without notice) will be charged an additional $250 fee to expedite application processing, software training, and enrollment.
  • Software access fees for online courses: $25 per calendar month or partial month for access to the online course delivery system. Each 11-week online course cost $75-100 in software access fees. Terms lasting more than four months will cost $100 (no additional fees).  Note: there is no charge for the online software training and orientation which each student must complete prior to beginning the first online course.
    • Online course materials: Offline materials not supplied by faculty, journal subscriptions, and equipment requirements are the responsibility of each individual student.
    • There is a $100 materials fee for the Spiral Dynamics online course (paid to the vendor, not to AGS)
    • California state-imposed Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) assessment:  This fee only applies to students who reside in California and who do not have a third party paying their tuition.  It is assessed at $.50 per every $1000USD paid in AGS tuition. See the current Enrollment Agreement and the Catalog for details.
      • Tuition (to see financial calculations by degree, scroll down):  
        • The cost per semester credit/unit for online courses is $400 ($2000 for a 5-credit course). The cost per semester credit/unit for on-site courses in Phases I-XI is $850, except for Phase E2, which is $1500/credit.
        • Non-credit supervised internship/lab requirements are managed by the Adizes Institute at a cost of: Phase 1: $5000. Phase III: $3800. Phase VII: $4400. Phase X: $4400. Phase IV: $2800 Phase IX: $3200. Phase V: $5600 Phase VI: $5000 Phase VIII: $1400
  • Exam Fees: There is a $100 fee for most examinations except: $150 Phase I, III, VII, X combined; $200 Phase IV,IX combined; and $300 Phase V, VI, VIII combined.

Additional potential fees and financial considerations:

  • The grade for the course will not be listed on the student’s transcript until tuition is paid.
  • experiential credit documentation fee ($100);
  • repeated attempts to earn credit for a course (tuition fee);
  • repeating the comprehensive exam for the Masters Degree ($750);
  • repeated attempts to defend the doctoral dissertation ($2300);
  • Additional terms of supervision for dissertation writing (beyond 3 terms) may be required by a Doctoral Committee at their discretion, if work completed during the final capstone project in any Ph.D. or Professional Doctorate is insufficient. There is no discounted tuition cost.
  • Housing / On-Site Events: On-site sessions in the online programs are optional, such as live seminars on various topics.  All classes may be taken online except for some of the Phase trainings. All Phase courses in the Symbergetic™ programs may be taught on-site and require travel. The estimated cost for seminars in Santa Barbara,California, are $150-200 per night for a room and some meals. All travel costs are the student’s responsibility. The Symbergetic™ Programs presently open to new students (2016) include the: Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation – sequential Certificate, Master of Arts, and Doctoral Degree.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Students are responsible for editorial assistance, office supplies, internet access, software, hardware, copying, postage and all similar expenses, as well as books, materials, library or database access, any subscriptions or course materials.
  • Transcripts: Transcripts will be provided by email at no charge in a secure un-editable PDF form. The first three transcripts shipped by post are free and a $10 fee is charged for each additional transcript.

Maximum Total Fees paid to AGS, by degree:

Organizational Transformation
(not accepting new students)

  • The total maximum cost for the MA is (10 courses x$2000) + $100 initial administrative fee + up to $1000 for software access fees = $21,100. (50 credits)
  • The total maximum cost for the Ph.D.  (9 courses, 3 terms of supervised dissertation writing) is $24,000 +$100+ $1200 = $25,300. (60 credits)
  • The dual-track PhD  is 14courses +3 terms of supervision (x$2000 = $34,000) + $100 + up to $1700 = $35,800. (85 credits plus 5 credits for final products)

Symbergetic™ Change Management Theory

  • The Certificate is  (4.5 credits x $850 = $3825) + $300 for exams + (5.5 credits for online courses x$400=$2200)+ up to $200 in software access fees + $100 = $6625. (10 credits)
  • The M.A. includes the Certificate plus four additional online courses (4 x $2000) + $400 software access fees = $6625 + $8400 = $15,025. (30 credits)
  • The Ph.D. includes 9 online courses and 3 terms of supervision at $2000= $24,000 + up to $1,200 in software access fees for a total of $25,200 (60 credits)

Business Administration

  • The Certificate includes seven online courses totaling 17 units of credit at $400 each ($6,800) + $400 software access + $100 = $7,300. (17 credits)
  • The Master in Symbergetic™ Business Administration (MSBA) includes the Certificate above ($7,300) plus the Certificate in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation (CSOMT, below = $15,375. minus the $100 admission fee = $15,275) for a total maximum cost of $22,575. (17 credits + 19.5 credits = total 36.5 credits)


Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation (CSOMT)

  • Certificate:  includes (5.5 credits x $850 = $4,675) + (E2 @ $6000) + $400 for exams + (2 online courses x $2000=$4,000) + $200 in software access fees + $100 = $15,375. (19.5 credits)
  • M.A.: includes the Certificate above ($15,375) plus 8 units of credit in phase training (8 x $850= $6,800.) + two exams ($350) +two online courses (2 x $2000=$4,000.) + $200 software access fees for a total of $11,350+$15,375 = $26,725+ $23,600 FOR INTERNSHIP/LAB SUPERVISION PAID TO THE ADIZES INSTITUTE. (19.5 + 18 credits = 37.5 credits total)
  • Doctorate: requires the Certificate and MA above. Requires 45.5 additional units in 10 online courses + 6.5 units of supervised writing at $400/unit (52 x $400 = $20,800) + $800 software access + 7.5 units of phase training at $850/unit (7.5 x $850 = $6,375) + exams ($400) = $28,375
  • + $12,000 FOR INTERNSHIP/LAB SUPERVISION PAID TO THE ADIZES INSTITUTE  (59.5 credits plus .5 credits for capstone project)

Doctoral degrees in Symbergetic™ Organizational Transformation – (not accepting new students, see Catalog for details)

Diagnosis (phases I, II, III) – Maximum cost for students with Masters, $42,700, without, $51,100

Design (phases IV, V, VI) – Maximum cost for students with Masters, $47,500, without $58,000

Teleology (phases IV, VIII, IX & XI) – Maximum cost for students with Masters, $48,300, without $56,700