IT Help

The Adizes Graduate School utilizes the Novell VIBE learning management system (LMS). The log-in page (to get into your classrooms) for all students and instructors is here:

The Three Most Common Technical Difficulties:

Logging In and Out:   One common technical difficulty occurs when people do not properly log-out of the system. The system might take 5-10 minutes to cycle before you are allowed to log back in.

Forgotten Password: If you forget your password, contact the Director of Academic Services or ask anyone at Adizes Graduate School to put you in touch with the Director to re-set your password.

Formatting in WORD: We have not experienced problems in many years. In the past Microsoft updates to WORD sometimes conflicted with system formatting functions, affecting everyone’s work. During the Software Training you are directed to an icon in the dialogue box second row toolbar specifically created for copy/pasting from WORD. Using this icon isn’t necessary, but it could be helpful to achieve the formatting you want and to avoid conflicts.

Getting Help:

After you log in, your name will appear in the upper right corner of the page. Your name is linked to your profile. To the right of your name is the Log Out link.

Third, on the far right, is a gear-shaped icon with a downward pointing arrow. The gear-icon pull-down-menu provides access to the HELP function in the form of a User Guide.

User Guide Link:

If you have continuing technical difficulties, contact the Director of Academic Services or ask anyone at Adizes Graduate School to put you in touch with the Director. Please do not contact Novell directly.

Software Training:

The Director of Academic Services provides your user name and password when you enroll in your first online class. Prior to accessing a live classroom, you will complete a mandatory Software Training and Orientation to distance learning.

The Software Training is self-guided and takes about 60-90 minutes at most. You are given at least a week to complete the Training. There are several exercises to complete as you learn to recognize icons and navigate in the LMS. There are two quizzes at the end of the Training, followed by dialogue with the Director of Academic Services via email.

You must correct any errors and participate in the follow-up dialogue via email to complete the Software Training. Once the Director reviews your work in the Training forum, the follow-up dialogue may take 1-5 days depending upon your own attentiveness and response time.

System Functionality:

The LMS includesthe ability to create blogs, photo albums, guest books, date-activated task lists, personal calendars, café communication spaces, daily or weekly notifications, a news feed, and other functions that we may or may not have activated. There are Search and Advanced Search functions, icons and links for viewing any unread or new items since your last visit. The system has far more functionality than we teach during the initial Software Training. You will have your own personal profile with a mini blog and other features, too. Feel free to add photos and explore your options when you get a chance.