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The AGS Library

The Adizes Graduate School (AGS) Librarian renders library support to Adizes Graduate School’s programs of study by providing traditional library service in a nontraditional environment, thereby facilitating the research activities and needs of learners, faculty, and staff.  AGS provides electronic access to subscription databases, which combined offer over a million items; scholarly journal articles, e-books, handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, dissertations, reviews of psychological tests and measurements, conference papers and business resources such as:

  • Books24x7
  • BusinessPro – 6,000+ ebooks
  • ProQuest Newsstand
  • ABI/INFORM Dateline
  • ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry
  • ABI/INFORM Global
  • GreenFILE
  • Accounting & Tax
  • ERIC
  • Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

The online library provides access to numerous sources for learners, faculty and staff in four categories: Databases, Citation, Services, Websites.  Review the Library Handbook.

Once you are admitted to the Adizes Graduate School degree programs, you will receive Library Service access information. You may contact the Library Information Specialist by email via Library at

Additional resources below are recommended by faculty and available online to all students, faculty, and staff:

Table of Contents:

  • Writer’s Resources (for critically evaluating sources)
  • Digital Library Resources Suggested by Faculty
  • University Libraries on the Web
  • Digital Library-Type Services
    Special Digital Library Collections and articles
  • Resources and Tips for Research on the Web

Writing Resources

John Hopkins University Library – APA style resources. This is not a substitute for having the latest APA Manual! 

Cornell University – quick guide to help you determine the relevance and authority of a resource is: How to Critically Analyze Information SourcesRecommended by staff! 

Cornell University – Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals.

Evaluating Periodicalswebsites and other information sources from New Mexico State University.

Language Dictionaries – There are over 6800 languages in 200 countries on Earth, and 2261 have writing sytems. View over 300 languages in dictionary format, online translation, and over 25,000 language resources. – Roget’sThesaurus, synonyms, antonyms

Suggestions from Faculty:

Our newest FREE academic search engine, EPI-Search, is brought to you from the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence. Enter your own document, notes or topic information  and the search engine returns items that may be of interest. Students can take a current draft or chapter from their paper and use it as a query to discover other reference sources which they could be citing.

Go to the Epi-Search ( and it will recommend books from the 5000 volume ISCE Library.  It shows you how and why the results shown were recommended AND provides links to related searches from 9 academic databases including:

Google Scholar related academic results
PhilPaper related philosophy results
MIT CogNet related cognitive science results (citations only)
CiteSeer related academic results
DeepDyve related articles (abstracts only)
JSTOR related resources (citations only)
Taylor and Francis related resources (abstracts only)
OUP Scholarship Online

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – founded by the University of Tennessee and California State University.

Philosophy Resources – free – 19,000 categorized links to philosophy resources on the Internet and  several additional features

Northern Light – search engine containing thousands of full text journal articles and web resources, low cost subscription or per-piece service with good abstracts and fair ‘return’ policy.

University Libraries on the Web

Highwire Press from Stanford – claims the largest repository of high impact, peer-reviewed content, with over 3500 publications and 7 million full text articles from hundreds of scholarly publishers. Over 2 million articles available free.

Directory of guides to resources on various topics  at the University of Houston Libraries. For example, on the subject of International Business you can find links to articles, databases, journals, company research resources, country research, demographics, industry research resources, market research and more. 

The Perseus Digital Library Search engine and Classical collections such as primary and secondary sources for the study of ancient Greece and Rome; renaissance materials; and an art and archaeology artifact browser. 

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations – Built upon an initiative to improve graduate education, increase sharing of knowledge, help universities build their information infrastructure, and extend the value of digital libraries. – Developed through the initiative of the National Library Board, the eLibrary in Singapore includes e-journals and databases, and collections in business, the arts, social sciences, humanities, technology and science – in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

New York Public Library – digital public library, includes manuscripts, images and collections

Fathom Library – Site hosted by the University of Chicago, with links to consortium libraries at The London School of Economics, Columbia University, Cambridge University Press, The New York Public Library, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the British Library and Museum, etc. 

Digital Library-Type Services

Questia online – over 67K books and 1.5M articles, low cost subscription

Blackwell Synergy – over 10 million articles and 88,000 books (5,000 free), academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and peer reviewed articles. Organized in 14 categories, designed for student research and dissertation writing with a simple online writing guide

Ingenta offers over 21 million scholarly references  from tens of thousands of worldwide publications. 

Special Collections:

Integral City’s Research page is provided by Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, specialist in Spiral Dynamics applications. The website focuses on citizenry, city management and development, and civil society. Also check out the Book Shelf resource.

Berkeley Electronic Press – open access research in law, social and behavioral science, arts and humanities, physical sciences, mathematics, medicine and health sciences, engineering, education, life sciences, business and architecture.

BioOne –  Established in 1999 by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), the Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), The University of Kansas, the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), and Allen Press, Inc— it provides open access materials focused in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. 

Project Euclid – Cornell University library of journals on Theoretical and Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Voice of the Shuttle, University of California at Santa Barbara –  launched in 1995 dedicated to the study of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The US Library of Congress has full text resources, online catalogs and thesauri, online databases and acts as a gateway to other resources. It includes maps, exhibits, multi-lingual cultural resources (the Global Gateway), legislative history and information, and the American Memory site above. Contains links to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Fact Book. Contains the Library of Congress’ Rare Book and Special Collections Division sold to Congress by Thomas Jefferson in 1815 to replace the Congressional Library that had been destroyed when the British burned the Capitol during the War of 1812. “Jefferson believed that there was no subject to which a member of Congress may not have occasion to refer. … the Library continues to collect internationally, on all subjects, and in more than 470 languages.”

Witcombe‘s exhaustive art history site

Octavo – wonderful rare books with various search options – an extensive searchable list with highly recognizable authors, including Nobel Laureates writing about politics, the environment, theory, science, business, technology, design, culture and more. Find brand-new current articles each year to reference during your classes and dissertation writing.

The SantaFe Institute – focuses on complexity research

Tips for Research on the Web

Citation indexes. To see the impact a particular source has had on scholarship, you may want to consult a citation index. A citation index lists when and where a work has been cited. In other words, you could consult a Citation Index to see all the articles that have cited David Ho’s research on HIV. The citation indexes are all available in the following database:   Web of Knowledge

Also see the Web of Science, and the Ovid science and healthcare databases.