Dear AGS Students –

Below you will find links to standard forms, required reading materials, and school policies, all in one location.

Admissions Forms and Links:

Application for Admission to AGS; printable sample here

A Self Assessment & Related Activities are required as part of the Application Process. You will use the following links:

Building Excellence – exam for completing self-assessment on Application for Admission

Multiple Intelligences – exam for completing self-assessment on Application for Admission

Program Catalog – You are required to review the program catalog carefully before signing an enrollment agreement.

Enrollment Agreement –  Required for each student each term he/she wishes to take a class at AGS.

Course Payment/Registration Link (contact the Registrar)

AGS Learning Platform (Novell VIBE):  

Click here to access the Log-in page for online classrooms. Bookmark this page. After admission to AGS, you will be given a user ID and password in order to complete the Software Training required of all new students prior to taking an online course.

Student Grades (password protected access coming soon)

Policies & Procedures:

School Catalog –REQUIRED reading for all new students

Policy Manual – REQUIRED reading for all new students – 

Library Handbook   

Experiential Credit Policy and Form

Transcript Policy

Course Evaluation Form  – Sample (All course evaluations are completed online. A link will be provided in each classroom.)

For PhD Program Students:

Tips for Writing a Concept Paper 

Concept Paper /Dissertation Evaluation Form – contact the Director of Academic Services for the most recent version for your degree/program. A copy will be sent via email.

For Professional Program Students:

Adizes Institution Practitioner Ethics Manual 

Phase O Study Guide


To secure your internship contract, contact your local Adizes Institute office here. Please note that the Adizes Institute is not a part of the Adizes Graduate School.

Before you begin your internship, contact the AGS Registrar for instructions regarding credit verification procedures.

Other Helpful Links:

APA Style is REQUIRED for all graduate work. Visit and choose the latest edition of the APA Manual.

For a free tutorial from click here

For selected free excerpts from some of Dr. Ichak K. Adizes books, click here.

Order physical or electronic books anywhere you wish. Some suggestions: