Master of Arts in Symbergetic Business Administration

Master of Arts in Symbergetic™ Business Administration

The Master of Arts Degree is awarded to students who complete the courses for both of the following Certificates. 

  • Certificate in Clinical SymbergeticOrganizational Management and Transformation, and
  • Certificate in Business Administration

Graduates of this program will understand how to lead the symbergetic diagnostic process – identifying where an organization is currently in its lifecycle, and which problems are normal and which or abnormal for that lifecycle stage. Students will learn how to lead an organization in designing its’ own program for change, how to assure that the program will be implemented and that it will solve at least forty percent of the existing problems and improve upon another forty percent within a year.

Students will learn how to integrate cross functional teams in order to solve subsystem problems within the organization. They will learn a bottom-up leadership strategy, as well as top-down strategy.

Core techniques taught in this program include:

  • How to differentiate between the causes, symptoms and manifestations of a problem and develop the correct strategy for addressing them in order to solve the problem holistically.
  • How to identify which decisions should be made by an individual and which decisions should be made by a team.
  • How to identify who needs to be involved in a problem solving team in order to assure effective implementation.
  • How to identify different sources of conflict in a problem solving team as they come up, and how to make the sources of conflict constructive.
  • How to integrate a team through the decision making process, so that all members are excited about and support the solution.
  • How to allow for participative management without undermining management’s authority.

For course descriptions, please click on each Certificate link.

Total Time to Completion (estimate): one year beyond the Certificate in Business Administration

Total Credits: 36.5

Master of Arts includes the Certificate in Business Administration ($7,300) plus $15,275. for the Certificate in Clinical Symbergetic™ Organizational Management & Transformation for a total cost of $22,575. (36.5 CREDITS)

Working online ……

There is no software to buy or download. The majority of your writing, composing and spell checking will be done offline in programs such as Word. You create a flexible schedule, but must discuss your commitment with family and friends, reserving uninterrupted blocks of time for coursework in order to succeed.  A minimum of 10-15 hours is required each week to excel in each course. Online dialogue is very self-directed in graduate study, and as rigorous as traditional programs. 

There are both academic and technical prerequisites, as well as minimum equipment requirements. 

Be sure to explore our Library, use the online self-assessment tools and become familiar with utilizing electronic resources as you become a part of a global virtual community.

For further information …………

Click here for the Adizes Graduate School Catalog (Adobe Acrobat required), with details regarding all policies, including admission and expectations for participation and completion of the degree. 

Applications and Enrollment documents are available online and our staff are available to guide you through the admissions process and your ongoing course of study. Feel free to contact us!