Executive Programs and Seminars

Adizes Graduate School offers various executive programs and seminars for Academic partners- Business Schools and Universities from all around the World.

The programs are designed based on the need of the Partner Institution and are directed towards the Executive MBA, MBA or just Executive training participants at the partner institutions.

Adizes Methodology:

 The Adizes Methodology is a proprietary, structured system for accelerating organizational change developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes. The methodology has been applied by the Adizes Institute since 1975 in multiple organizations and with governments worldwide. At its foundation is the fundamental working principle that all organizations-like living organisms-have a lifecycle and exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and age. At each new stage of development, every organization is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly these issues are addressed and necessary changes made determine the success or failure of that organization.

Leading an organization through lifecycle transitions is neither easy nor obvious. Methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Fundamental changes in leadership and management are required, and solutions are created with the active participation, understanding and support of the managers who implement them.

Sample Course Objectives and Content

A course may present the cornerstones of the Adizes methodology, such as CAPI (Coalesced Authority, Power and Influence), PAEI (managerial styles), the Lifecycle concept, the Eight Steps of Decision Making, and the Power of Mutual Trust and Respect. These key knowledge points represent an opportunity to take your organization to the next level, to have your enterprise, company or team perform at the highest levels in the marketplace.

This program is aimed at helping managers and their organizations to learn about development and change.

To reach these ends, you are given tools in 3 main areas:

  • Tools to diagnose your organization: identify and prioritize its problems and opportunities
  • Tools to create a highly effective decision making structure that deals with the prioritized problems and development issues
  • Tools to optimize implementation of the decisions while minimizing resistance and destructive conflict

The aim of the using the Adizes tools and methodology is to drive commitment and accountability deep into the organization (rather than only in the hands of top management) while building a balance between organizational control and flexibility.

How do we do this? Not by lecturing or talking to you. In this Executive Training, the workshop is highly interactive and you will actually experience the power of the methodology firsthand.

Sample Executive Training program “Managing Change within the Organization“

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Required Reading:

Adizes, I.  (1979) How to Solve Mismanagement Crisis. Adizes Institute.

Course Organization:

The course will use lecture, discussions, workshops and role plays, real business examples and multimedia presentations to facilitate learning, as well as short teaching videos produced to enhance understanding about the topics studied.

Course Language: 

This course can be delivered in ENGLISH or RUSSIAN.

Target Audiences who may benefit from an Executive Training program:

  • Participants of Executive MBA program;
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their new businesses or to break free of the trap of being the sole decision maker;
  • CEOs and managers in established organizations who seek answers how to lead their companies more effectively and efficiently;
  • Organizational consultants, life coaches and agents of change working to help clients grow and develop;
  • Individuals new to the methodology as well as those with significant prior exposure will equally profit from this high level, wide-ranging perspective of the Adizes Methodology™.

The methodology’s fundamental principle is that every organization—like any living organism—has a natural lifecycle which demonstrates predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour as it grows and ages. At each new stage of its development, an organization is presented with a distinct set of challenges.

How well or poorly these issues are addressed and changes made determine the ultimate success or failure.  Specifically the Adizes Methodology™ allows you to:

  • Predict future challenges and opportunities;
  • Make change initiatives understood and supported by everyone in the organization who will carry them out;
  • Implement critical changes with great speed and accuracy;
  • Promote an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect where honest, open communication naturally surfaces;
  • Avoid destructive conflict, actually turning it into a constructive force for positive change.

Why take this course?

The course will be delivered with a commonsense, practical approach to change and management. Individual concepts that are observed in everyday life will be clarified and layered into a logical model of human and organizational behavior. Practical tools for how entrepreneurs, managers, and agents of change can assure that the desired outcome is reached will be presented and discussed.

At the end of the course the graduates will receive a Certificate of Attendance.