AGS in action

Adizes Graduate School is committed to creating an integral, broad, interdisciplinary theory base from which sustainable new ideas for the enhancement of organizational and societal growth can emerge. 

The goal of the AGS curriculum is to build new and sustainable models for managing change by exploring how change occurs across disciplines and cultures, searching for natural designs and commonalities in applying change management theory on the individual, organizational and societal levels. The Adizes methodology is the foundation of the curriculum and students may approach their learning through a theoretical approach or a balance of theory and practice.

Live seminars and online classes

AGS offers online programs and some courses and degree programs that include both live engagements and online dialogue. Live seminars for credit are usually held at the AGS Santa Barbara, California, headquarters. Online classes are accessible to students worldwide in an anywhere/anytime format.

What are the benefits of working online?

The degree programs online differ from traditional university programs in that they are not presented in a lecture/auditorium format. Rather than taking a seat in the back of the auditorium with a hundred less experienced college-age students, AGS provides flexible accessibility with structured academic course work. AGS graduate students are your professional peers.  With an on-line program, AGS is able to attract participants from diverse parts of the global professional community. You will benefit from up-front focus, comprehensive feedback, and in-depth communication in small (3-10 person maximum), intensely directed courses or via independent tutorials. Communication online contains great depth and requires extensive scholarly interaction and a time commitment of at least 15 hours per week per course.

What are the online classes like?

Participate in a lively, interactive Web-based graduate seminar that is always available to fit your professional schedule! There is no software to download or buy. You will be guided by faculty with extensive experience in designing and delivering a graduate program over the Internet. Faculty are active facilitators, bringing informed perspectives to bear on world issues that you, your institutions, and your societies face.

AGS seminars demand significant reading, in-depth writing and personal focus in small classes, similar to the British tutorial system. You will discuss contemporary crises and future trends with a circle of global thinkers who inspire change and international progress.

Adizes Graduate programs create an intellectual dialogue strongly and consistently facilitated with an infusion of issues raised by your living case studies.  Open forums are also your arena for discussion of leading thought within the context of the social, political, economic and global challenges that the new millennium presents. Socratic dialogue enables participants to gain perspective from your peers.

  • AGS does not offer ‘canned’ content; classes are facilitated by actively engaged faculty and syllabi are updated each time a course is taught based on ongoing feedback from students, faculty, and administration.
  • Courses are not ‘rote’ learning. Dialogue with your peers is expected. Innovative collaborative activities may facilitate interaction while enabling students to focus on their own unique context for hands-on applications. You will benefit from interaction with globally based professionals with varied experiences and expertise to share. 
  • Students enjoy small classes, personal focus, in-depth feedback, and flexibility in accessing your courses during the hours most comfortable for you within a flexible weekly schedule. This is not a weekend program.