Why Choose Adizes Graduate School?

Just ask our students!

Adizes Graduate School is committed to creating an integral, broad, interdisciplinary theory base from which sustainable new ideas for the enhancement of organizational and societal growth can emerge. Students acquire insight and understanding applicable to the process of change as it impacts a wide variety of organizational, individual and social environments. They become leaders and agents-of-change, able to operate at high levels of responsibility and effectively guide complex organizations through periods of accelerated, constructive change 

The school offers two important and completely unique subjects integrated throughout the degree programs: Adizes methodology, and Spiral Dynamics. Live public seminars in these subjects are usually offered each year.  

Adizes Methodology:  For over 30 years, the Adizes Methodology has been recognized as a cutting-edge structured system for managing accelerated organizational change. At the heart of the methodology is the fundamental principle that all organizations—like living organisms—have a natural life cycle, and that they will exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and age. At each new stage of its development, an organization is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly these challenges are addressed and necessary changes made, ultimately determines the success or failure of that organization

Spiral Dynamics: Taught to leaders of change movements around the world, Spiral Dynamics illuminates eight socio-value systems that produce crossroads in human, organizational and societal development.  Spiral Dynamics is an evolutionary-based framework that provides a scaffolding upon which numerous other theories of management, leadership, motivation, organizational design, communication, and social change can be built or integrated. The theory of memetics provides a means for understanding the awakening and migration of the ideas that lead to the psychological changes in these eight social constructs.

What are the Goals of the Certificate and Degree Programs?

The Interdisciplinary programs encourage the exploration of strategies for managing change across disciplines and cultures, searching for natural system designs and commonalities on the individual, organizational and societal levels. 

The Professional programs train practitioners to implement the long-proven Adizes method for facilitating organizational vitality – the ability of an organization to be both flexible and controlled, and the ability to manage ongoing evolution and transformation in an accelerated global environment without destructive conflict. Succinctly stated, the goal of the Professional Programs is to train students to train organizations to manage complexity.

Business courses supplement the knowledge of organizational managers with key content in traditional areas such as finance, marketing, supply chain and human resource management but with a focus on understanding the unique management strategies provided within the Adizes methodology. 

What are the benefits of working online?

Rather than taking a seat in the back of the auditorium with a hundred less experienced college-age students, AGS provides flexible accessibility with structured academic course work. AGS graduate students are your professional peers.  With an on-line program, AGS is able to attract participants from diverse parts of the global professional community. You will benefit from up-front focus, comprehensive feedback, and in-depth communication in small (10 person maximum), intensely directed courses or via independent tutorials with an instructor. Communication online contains great depth, and requires extensive scholarly interaction and a time commitment of at least 15 hours per week per course. 

What are the online classes like?

Participate in an interactive web-based graduate seminar always available to fit your professional schedule. There is no software to download or buy. You will be guided by faculty with extensive experience in designing and delivering a graduate program over the Internet. Faculty members are active facilitators, bringing informed perspectives to bear on world issues that you, your institutions, and your societies face.

AGS seminars demand significant reading, in-depth writing and personal focus in small classes, similar to the British tutorial system. You will discuss contemporary crises and future trends with a circle of global thinkers who inspire change and international progress. 

Adizes Graduate programs create an intellectual dialogue strongly and consistently facilitated with an infusion of issues raised by your living case studies.  Open forums are also your arena for discussion of leading thought within the context of the social, political, economic and global challenges that the new millennium presents. Socratic dialogue enables participants to gain perspective from your peers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is qualified?

Students must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from an accredited institution in the USA, or the equivalent. Courses are taught in English, Overseas students must demonstrate proficiency by TOEFL or petition

What equipment do I need?

The goal is to minimize your wait time online. You must have access to the computer daily.

Can I use prior credits?

Up to 6 credits are allowed to transfer into a Masters Degree program and up to 3 credits to a doctorate. 

Can I use life experience as credit?

Regulations require that students demonstrate significant argument linking their experiential credit to a specific graduate level course. The argument must be reviewed and approved by faculty. There is a maximum of six experiential units allowed towards a Maters, three towards a Ph.D.  The limit on credit applied to a degree remains the same whether the credit is transferred to the program from another school or awarded for other appropriate experience. 

What software do I need?

No software purchase or download is required. You will access your classroom over the internet.

How and when do I pay?

The graduate school only requires payment of tuition on a per-class basis.

Formal Applications need be completed only in the first term. There is no cost to apply. There is a $100 fee for registration and enrollment once you are accepted. After this, a simple Enrollment Agreement is all that is required each term. 

Can I join the Ph.D. program directly?

No, not at this time. The knowledge from the Masters Degrees at AGS qualifies a student for entry into the doctoral programs.  Even students with a Master Degree elsewhere must complete an MA at AGS. 

What are the costs per term?

See the tuition and fees for a comprehensive list and review the AGS Program Catalog (required) for all relevant information.