The AGS Philosophy

AGS: where we are learning how to learn!      

The pace of change is accelerating every day. The amount of information we absorb daily has become enormous. Life-long learning is essential to succeed in the current knowledge-based society. In order to learn how to integrate vibrant clouds of new information and knowledge as a continuing process, we need to be ready for new ways of learning.

At Adizes Graduate School we are using multiple sources, methods, and ways of learning to optimize  and transform information into competences.

The essence of AGS philosophy could be very well described in the words of Justin DiCioccio, Associate Dean/ Chair of the Jazz Department, Manhattan School of Music:

“Mastering the art of learning is by no means an easy accomplishment. The task demands an eagerness—better yet, a passion—for learning itself; a mind open to complexity, ambiguity, and opposing points of view; the insight to formulate the right questions; the thirst for answers; and the independence, once all this is done, to arrive at one’s own conclusions.”